West End Musical - London

    My birthday's coming up and I'm looking for theatre tickets for London's West End (not sure what to watch) on Saturday, March 28.
    Looking on the net, for example Chicago is priced at £60 each!!!!!!
    Anyone know of where to get reasonably priced tickets?????


    I am afraid that is the price of the tickets for London theatres.

    Saturdays evenings are also usually sold out for many theatres. Because Saturday evenings usually sell out they dont need to discount them.

    Oliver for example is sold out on Saturday nights (and Friday nights) until September.

    You could try the Saturday afternoon matinee to see if they are cheaper.

    You could try and find a play that is nearing the end of its run, they often have "deals" to sell tickets.

    Also papers like Daily Telegraph sometimes have theatre offers (I saw a Saturday matinee of Spamalot a few months ago on a buy-one-get-one-free offer from the Telegraph).


    try this … try this

    If you look at most of the shows on this web site they only offer discount tickets for midweek (Monday - Thursday or maybe Monday - Friday).

    According to John Lewis free magazine the Source, if you call 0845 610 0325 and quote 'GreenBee Dirty Dancing or GreenBee Billy Elliott' you can get Billy Elliott best available for £35 and Dirty Dancing for £40. Not sure if theres any T&C's or specific days etc but its worth a phone call.

    Good luck and Happy Birthday

    I went to see Thiller on saturday and it was the best show i have seen for a while.

    Hi If you not too bothered what you want to see why dont you wait while you go to london on that day go to the box offices they are in leicester square and you get good deals on avaiable tickets for that day.not sure if they do saturday night tickets but think they do,maybe someone else knows but tickets a lot cheaper.
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