West Highland Terrier

    First off sorry if this is not allowed but could not see anything to prohibit it.
    We are looking for a Dog and my wife has her hart set on a West Highland Terrier. We are a family of 4 with 2 children 6 and 11 in Birmingham. We would be looking for a puppy or younger dog say under 3. If anyone can help please let me know the dog will be loved and loved.


    Many tears rescue normally have lots of west highlands if you would concider a rescue dog? Also have you reserched the breed, they can tend to have a lot of skin issues.
    Have a look at the common ailments list on here…=44

    This place will help you find a breeder.

    As above mentioned they do have a lot of skin problems as a friend of mine has 1,it is geting on a bit now but is having awful probs with its skin,not thought about another breed

    I have a westie and they are lovely dogs. However, do take notice of julieg's comments. Ours has skin problems, frequent ear infections and seems to easily pick up other conditions. We are at the vets approx 4 times a year. You may have to be prepared to spend alot of money at the vets, on hypo-allergenic food and special shampoo's. They are fantastic, friendly loving dogs but there are downsides you need to be aware of.
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