Western Digital My Passport 2.5" Portable HDD - Cheapest / Best Type please...!

    I am looking for a 320GB 2.5" Portable External Drive
    Was originally looking for some kind of NAS storage device but decided now to go for a portable HDD.
    I can see the Western Digital ones from PC World for £74.99 - Does anyone know a of a better deal or a better equivalent?
    I can see another Western Digital portable drive called "My Passport Elite" - this sounds a little better as it has a capacity gauge on the side.

    Really appreciate any information anyone can provide



    wd 250 gb for £49.99 from comet.... seems like a good deal?

    edit: i picked this up today so can confirm the price, and its a passport essential

    Check most local pc shops as mine is selling a 500gb for around £65


    Check most local pc shops as mine is selling a 500gb for around £65

    That's a neat trick when the passport doesn't come in 500GB yet - I think you might be thinking of the much heavier mybook.

    There's a comparison chart on western digital's website that should help you decide between the essential version as the studio and elite versions. The portable elements isn't listed in the chart but it's just a basic hard-drive-with-usb.…=en

    I'd just go for the cheapest unless you need the extra features.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your comments... you know I keep thinking that I should go for some kind of network NAS storage device. There was an old post for a Buffalo LinkStation Live that was selling for £69.99 from Comet - I wish I got onto that sooner.
    Problem is I really use a Mac for 95% of the time and compatibility is sometimes an issue.
    If anyone knows of a good compatible NAS device for around £80ish?
    Or knowing me I will change my mind later and re-look at the portable drives. ;-)
    It's really somewhere to store and service my iTunes and iPhoto libraries.
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