Western Digital TV HD 1080P media player - Suitable DTS decoder required

    Purchased a Western Digital TV HD 1080P media player after seeing it on a deal here a few weeks back. Really happy with it, just the whole audio converting thing for DTS is starting to annoy me. I know literally nothing about TVs or sound systems. Ideally I'm after a nice and cheap decoder so I can play the DTS audio without needing to convert it. Was wondering if you guys could link me to a suitable one, from a high street retailer preferably, so I can pick one up over the week.

    If there's a way to have the audio decoded and output on my TV speakers then that's ace, if not then any cheap surround sound systems will be considered.

    Would appreciate it if you could include all the components needed (any additional subs or cables required so I can buy these at the same time and get it all connected up).

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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