Western Union???

    got this email today

    Attention! The wire sent to Kiril Fadeev, Moscow, Russia has been blocked by our security service.

    Your credit card issuing bank has halted the transaction by the demand of the Federal Criminal Investigation Service (case No. 43765 since the recipient has been undergoing the international retrieval by the InterPol.

    Please contact the closest Western Union office and make sure you have your ID card, the credit card that was used for making the payment, and the invoice file with you.

    (The invoice file is attached to this message; please print it out and hand it to our agent.)

    You can find the address of the closest Western Union agent on our website at

    Thank you!"[I]

    looks like attachment might be a virus so not going to bother opening it, am I correct? the link goes to the one above not a weird one.



    yes you are correct, it's a virus, delete it.

    leave it alone like the plague, sounds very suspect.

    What file extension does the attatchment end in?

    so why exactly are you using western union to wire money to Kiril Fadeev in the first place?
    on second thoughts don't answer that.


    you have sent money to some russian bint or bloke with a fake pic from a dating site and have now been ripped off
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