Found 14th Jul 2010
Any advice on what to do with a wet patch on mattress.whats the best and quickest way to deal with it

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eerrrrrrrr depends what it is

hair-drier will work but there may be stains

gross -

you can try fabric cleaner, then febreeze it if it still smells

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Wear a nappy to bed in the future?

Carpet cleaner can work to clean it and fabreeze to get rid of any wet smell


seperate beds


wear condoms


a "smaller" man. a few on here could help you out

Just press something absorbent onto it, and try to 'soak' the liquid out. Leave it to air for as long as possible, and if it smells, febreze or a squirt of lemon.

you posted this in feedback? oO

Dry it with a hairdryer? What is it wet with ?


you posted this in feedback? oO

I can't believe they posted it anywhere oO

lick it dry

sell it on ebay

This group gets better all the time


lol at someone admitting to wetting themselves

lol even harder at someone asking how to get it drier quicker. Only proper solution is a new mattress cos it will always stink from now on.
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