wet underfloor heating system- any recommendations

Found 24th Oct 2017
hi guys

getting the whole house re plumbed so engineer suggested I look into this, as either a alternative to radiators or a supplement. he's going to size up the GF for me to give me an idea of how much m2 I'd need.

Im looking for advice from people who have had it fitted. which company they went with. the pro's and cons etc.

ive looked at one website where they sold the kit from different manufacturers. the most expensive was £800 for 40m2 which inc all the kit req. obviously the labout will be separate but the materials atleast give me an idea of costs involved.

GF id be looking to do front lounge, 2nd lounge, kitchen diner and hallway. I think the basement will be over kill as the radiators will be split into 3 zones anyway (basement, GF and 1st & 2nd floors together).
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my mum HAD underfloor heating... until it broke... luckily she has normal radiators as well. you probably are asking why she wont repair it... the heating is under the tiled/wooden floors and you cannot be sure where the damage is so guess what

but thats only if you are unlucky
We have wet UFH installed it ourselves when we converted our barn. It is super efficient despite it being 14 years old. We have stats in each room which control the zones of heat and an overall programable timer. Our floor is french limestone and if you are fitting any form of tile you will need to ensure the UFH is covered in something like a Ditra matting otherwise your tiles will crack.

We used a company in Scotland (we are in Cornwall) after visiting them at the Self Build Show, I don't know if they are still around - Begetube.

Our neighbours both have NuHeat. None of us have had any issues and all did self-install.
Thanks for the info guys.
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