Found 28th Jul 2008
Anybody know of any good web sites to try for a half decent, cheap wetsuit? Mainly something for wake boarding and maybe a bit of surfing when I can.
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try lidls m8
not on line but try tk maxx
I have got a friend who sells wet suits and equipment, I will pm you his details as he might be able to help you.

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They had some in Tescos Extra (Swindon) earlier. Think they were 25 quid. No idea if they are any good or not but thought I would let you know.
unless you know your size (i.e. have bought the brand before) its usually best to buy a wetsuit from a store, so you can try it on first. A wesuit that has a bad fit is worse than useless - it wont keep you warm, will create drag in the water and will have baggy points that will keep flushing with colder water.
Aldis have mens wetsuits for 30 quid at the moment
Have you got a Decathlon near you? Really good for own make quality gear at great prices.
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