WH Smith collect from store mistake means I got Gears Of War 2 for free!

    My boyfriend wanted Gears Of War 2 & WH Smith were doing it for a pretty good price + Quidco. He paid with his card on my WH Smith account & instead of delivery chose 'collect from store' as I was going to be near there later.

    I got there with my print out confirmation of payment & they informed me they have to wait for it to be delivered, so usually 5 working days, which seems ridiculous. Anyway I looked a bit miffed & the guy said he could give me a copy & when the ordered copy came just out it back on the shelf - very nice of him too! Wen I returned home WH Smith had emailed me saying they could not take payment as account holder and name on card were not the same!

    So in short I got paid £2.58 from Quidco for Gears Of War 2 - whoo whoo!!

    Do feel quite bad about the guy though....hope he doesn't get into trouble.....


    congratulations, you have just shoplifted, and admitted it on a forum. the mods are prob tracking your ip add now and phoning the local authorities.

    lol i joke haah nice one, I love it when the system fails and you get free stuff

    aw thats naughty!!! woohoo result though!!!

    happy days!!!

    Ah well it was his fault, well done you got a free game and cash back lol :thumbsup:

    if quidco gets declined will you argue it?


    Love it! :thumbsup:

    wow thats great

    Good deal. Heat from me :whistling:
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