WH SMITH online... WARNING...

As most people will be aware, WHSMITH were using that company owned by woolies.
i placed an order for batman begins/ dark knight on blu ray with them in november, december 8th it didnt show up, i contacted whsmith and the long and short was they wouldnt supply it due to no supplier.
that was annoying as no email, nothing on the website or anything.


having cancelled my order ( and i was told ALL orders for media online were cancelled)

today i get the bloody films through the door, great? not really, i checked my bankand i have been charged for them.

so this is a warning, as most like me have probably reordered through other places and now have the things we ordered, you may find you now have an extra 1 of what ever it was, but have also paid for it.

i now have to go to a shop and try and get a refund, OR i have to repackage it and send it back at MY expence.


wh smith in my opinion are rubbish. They take orders for things (bookss/otehr things) and they wont let you cancel it even when I phoned and asked. They could not get the book I wanted and they cancelled it themselves a few weeks later

Same thing happened to my mum with quite a few items, she was told the order was cancelled so she ordered somewhere else and the whsmith one has turned up!
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