wharfedale L26TA6A - no remote control

Found 29th Jul 2008
I recently bought a 26" LCD Wharfedale TV from argos, really good deal only £180. However it did not come with a remote. Argos supplied a One4All but it does not work the tv correctly. Wont work the built in freeview or menu. I thought it would be pretty easy to get a replacement but it seems impossible. Has anyone got any ideas???

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I did order one from them but it doesn't work the TV at all!!! I got the remote from them this morning, very fast delivery. It came with no instructions. Tried it but doesnt do anything...
have you got a model for the TV/remote and the one4all controller model?
The TV model is L26TA6A.

The One for all 4 Way from argos 534/4905
sorry there was no model number on it that i could see anyway :whistling:
Ok, probably only covering what you already have, but one4all uk site doesnt show that actual controller but something which looks very similar lists 4 codes to try for wharfedale TVs (Setup Code : 0037
Setup Code : 0519
Setup Code : 0556
Setup Code : 0698)

It also mentions that the particular range includes one4all customer call centre support so it might be worth ringing if you havent as they can either help or maybe recommend a different model that will work.
Cheers for that, i'll give them a go!!! :thumbsup:

Seems so much work just to turn the telly over... :x

Never mind, serves me right for trying to save money :whistling:
Still no luck :thinking:

The remote turns over the telly but still does not let me control the built in freeview of the menu system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you source a good replacement? My TV needs a retune for the Freeview change.
4 years later....
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