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    please help me. i bought a wharfedale phone and photoframe for £24.99 from argos. i've assigned pictures through a usb flashdrive to friends phone numbers. the phone and digital photoframe are registered with each other and the assigned photo is supposed to appear on the photoframe when the caller phones. this doesnt happen.its only a sillouette that appears on the photoscreen. i dont want to return it. i bought it because i was so impressed by it. i'm frustrated because it wont work. please please help me, if you can.


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    I have one of these and it shows the silouete for a second or two and then changes to the actual photo. Does yours not do that?
    I would try calling the helpline listed on the side of the box.

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    thanks for your help. it did that originally(came up after a few seconds) but when i switched the photo frame off overnight and switched it back on the next day it just reverted back to the sillouette. i phoned the number on the box but they said they're not registered to help with this phone and photoframe. to be honest they werent that helpful at all. i phoned wharfedale but they only deal with speakers! apparently Argos pay Wharfedale to use their name and argos make these electronics themselves. (so the guy on the helpline told me). do you think it matters what order you set them up in... the phone then photoframe or vice versa? should i reset all my numbers and photos? would it be better to use a memory card instead of a usb stick? its driving me crazy! thanks for you r help. i apprecaite it.:-D

    I have this and use a memory card. when the caller id comes up on the photo frame it will give you the option to save or delete number go to save and you can then add the name of the caller, press save again then scroll through your photos and choose a photo to save for that number. hope this solves the problem.
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