What 27 inch monitor for this pc

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Need a new monitor after the 24 inch failed, so looking for a 27 inch but can only spend upto about £130 cheaper would be better. Plus built in speakers would better due to small amount of room on the desk.

pc is

Amd 2400g

Asrock B450m pro4

Thanks for any advice
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Thanks i will take a l ook
From experience, I'd suggest you hang fire until you can afford better. At £130 for a 27" panel, you're going to be looking at 1080p, and that's a very low resolution for such a big display. It's okay-ish for viewing video and images, but it's really bad for text, because without scaling, everything appears too big, and with scaling, it offers so few pixels that text appears slightly misshapen, making it less comfortable to read. Only an extra £50 or so can get you a cheap IPS 1440p from the likes of Laptops Direct, or wherever.
1080p is rubbish on a 27 inch monitor if you really want 27 inch save up more and get quad hd or 4k , otherwise your picture will look poor
Should i just opt for a 24 inch instead
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