what 360 do i need to buy to get full hdmi ? dont thibk mine has the slot.

    mines a 20 gig pro/premiem i think


    They all come with a hdmi slot now but if in doubt it will have an hdmi logo on the side of the box.....if buying a clearance item over a year & half old then it probably won't have

    If you intend to use the optical sound with a hdmi port, you will have to buy an additional dongle (about £15) if you don't get an elite.

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    great cheers rep added

    The HD component cable or HD VGA cables output at the same resolution as the new HDMI versions, if you got the premium then it would have come with a HD component, if not, just get one.

    You won't get a better picture out of the HDMI and in any event, the xbox only outputs at 720p so Full 1080p HDMI would require a whole new built from M$
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