What 3rd party provides unlocked iphones?

Posted 29th Nov
I'm planning on getting an iphone 11 pro contract, but as i need it unlocked to use abroad in a few weeks but unsure which 3rd parties provide unlocked iphones, my choices are :
1. EE phone contract via affordablemobiles.co.uk or via buymobiles.net
2. same as above but with o2
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All phones going on ee are locked and ee won’t unlock for 6 months I had same issue with my Xs I bought last year but luckily we didn’t go to USA til May so had time. O2 don’t lock iPhones so they are best of going on contract.
But ee contracts can include roaming everywhere as well as usa
Doesn't need to be unlocked to be able to roam abroad, or are you wanting to use the handset with a local SIM? CPW handsets are natively unlocked (stated here), although Apple may or may not still implement the "lock to first sim" nonsense. Same unlocked status with mobiles .co .uk (part of CPW group). Not sure about affordablemobiles or buymobiles' stock. Many 3rd party sellers don't have stock of network-branded handsets so what they hold may be natively unlocked, subject to any manufacturer-imposed network limitations.
Is the esim locked on these too?
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