What 40" Android Smart TV?

Posted 25th Sep
So there I was, merrily thinking I had tracked down my next telly, patiently waiting for Black Friday deal. I had picked out the Philips 43PUS7304 android smart tv. The child in me really wanted the ambilight feature.

But there are a host of negative reviews online - especially on Amazon. Should I be worried? Is my hard-earned better spent elsewhere?

I'm limited to 40-43" due to the shape of my front room.

Google Assistant is desirable. I have a 2.1 system so not worried about poor sound quality.
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The expert's however do rate this TV very highly so I'd go for it, I have an older Philips model with Android which I love, certainly the best TV I've ever had, the great thing about this newer model is its been well reviewed & received around the world so you shouldn't have any issues finding a expert PQ calibration guide if needs be, Ambilight is cool but the novelty quickly wear's off, but if you have HUE lighting you can sync to.
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