What 50 Inch HDtv is the best???????

    Hi Guys,

    I hate the search feature here but also want some of your opinion

    My family are looking for a 50" HDTV 1080p spec.

    I was wondering what the best for money in your opinion, cheapest ive seen is about 1400

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    if your willing t go down to 47inch theres this which is very cheap…htm

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    needs to be 50

    Argos and currys have a 50" samsung for about £850 and there has been an lg for around £650 but all only to 1080i you really need first pioneer was 1080i and my new pioneer is 1080p with viewing position approx 3m from the panel with no real noticeable difference though if you want 1080p you will pay the premium in the short term.

    BEST 50" tv u can get is the pioneer kuro, around £2000 i think, but its worthwile and will last u frevaaa, aks all the geeks on ere

    Thats the best Kamy but it is the most expensive. The choices should be between Pioneer, Panasonic, and at a push Samsung Plasma screens. Some good deals to be had on the Panasonics if you search about.

    we went for a LG one, errm it was £1110 wen we got it , reduced as the next LG was coming in.. tbh its crud compared to a pioneer... but hubby gave me a choice a smaller pioneer or a large LG .... so i went for LG... anyways gone way off track.. if u wana cheap one go for LG.. quality isnt anything special (seen other LGs.. never impressed me!!)

    I agree, LG tv's are the best quality pictures and very affordable too

    LG - best quality picture? Not really... Far from it actually. Its average to say the least

    Samsung is catching up to the big boys and is good value for money although you need to pick the right model

    I recently compared the Samsung LE46f86BDX to the Kuro and was stunned at the quality of the image - I appreciate its not a 50' but you can get it for 1250 / 1300 if you look around

    A lot of great reviews on the Panasonics and you can get the Panasonic 50pz70b for around 1050 - 1100 since its an older model.

    A few sites to look at to do your homework - provided you want to spend some time before spending that much on a tv…nav

    Price quality wise the Panny will be hard to beat although I personally would opt for the Samsung mentioned above over the Panny screens

    Hope this helps

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