WHAT 7 inches was she talking about????

    My clock radio woke me up this morning (as usual, at some ungodly hour) and all I remember hearing was "You could see as much as 7 inches in the morning", glad the wife wasn't listening :giggle:……jpg M25 Jtn 10 @ 7:30

    Now if she was talking about SNOW, how was she measuring it? width ways because we don't get DEEP snow in Blighty.

    Let's see if we can have a day off then :giggle: :giggle: gridlock around the schools 'cos the mums thought their 4x4's could drive in snow, the council was caught out by how heavy it fell.

    SO what's the weather like with you? :santa:



    Cold & Frosty in Milton Keynes!

    Deep snow (about 4") on the way, probably tomorrow.
    Cold & frosty in my London suburb this morning, nice and fresh in the City Centre now.
    The rail firms and councils have gritted already so it should all be blown away by the time the snow comes.

    I remember as a kid, schools used to close due to heavy snow! We would go home get changed and then have huge snow fights with barricades and everything...

    This was only in the early 90's so not that long ago.

    You hardly get a flake coming down any more...I did see some hailstones on the windscreen the other week.

    Should we blame it on global warming or just the weather pattern as I've also noticed that winter weather is getting later in the year each year. Has moved from Nov-Jan to Dec-Feb...

    Weather in Leeds today is a brisk -2 but sunny!

    Question, who is your favourite weather girl/man?


    Original Poster

    Looks like some people woke up with 7 inches then :giggle: :giggle:

    London is presently s.n.o.w.i.n.g:thumbsup:

    my car wldnt budge this morning, and my dad didnt let me take his
    thank god i just recieved this message

    ALL LECTURES CANCELLED UNTIL 2PM TODAY (THURSDAY 8 FEBRUARY)In view of … ALL LECTURES CANCELLED UNTIL 2PM TODAY (THURSDAY 8 FEBRUARY)In view of the advice being received over the media and the position on the ground the Vice Chancellor has taken the decision tocancel lectures until 2pm TODAY. The two Hatfield Learning Resources Centres will remain open for use, but LIS helpdesk services may be limitedFurther advice will be issued later this morning

    im not movin at all today

    looks out the window, DAMN no snow but colder then a mother ****a
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