What A Deal

    Just went into my local blockbuster to find out how much they would give me for trading Condemned 2 in. They offerd me £10 instore of £6 cash. So i as just wondering around when i saw MGS4 with a sticker saying £34.99 or £15.99 with selected games. Asked would this offer include my condemned 2 and she said it did. So all together i got it for £25.99! i was chuffed. I only really went there to get them print out a reciept as i know they offer the best trade in price, so i can take it to gamestation for the £1 extra haha


    Oh at this rate you'll be in a mansion in the country!

    Original Poster

    already there mate:thumbsup:

    Play MGS4 first, then you'll realise you've been had.

    You got ripped off, it is about £25 online.

    But still MGS4 is one of the best games this gen - so dont feel too bad.
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