What a wierd e.mail,

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Found 23rd Aug 2006
don't know if anyone else has had this but I got this e.mail at 4.45 thismorning

I am looking to save up to purchase a new house for myself and children. Can you please make a donation of 1 euro or anything you can afford to me via PayPal. I will be most grateful to any one who does.

If you cannot afford to, no problem, thank you for taking time to read this email.

You can transfer to [U ******************* via [U ******************
Thank you


It got through all my virus scans, not going to give my details though.

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Tell them to get off their arse and get a job to pay for a house TSK... some people eh ?


Are you talking serious? :confused:
May I want a donation too? :roll:

Bloody spongers. Spammers suck and should be hung by the ankles until they promise to stop!

you can bet some fool has donated tho!!

Those kind of people should be banned from their email server.
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