What accesories and games to get for wii

Ive got a wii and wii fit for xmas, what accesories would you reccomend i get such and any must have games.


Mario Cart game & 2 wheels



motion plus, wii fit plus, wii sports resort

at least a 2nd controller and nunchuck if they're not included in your package.

A remote control charger stand, which will stand two remotes and charge the batteries (via the USB port on your wii) - comes with its own chargeable battery units - I'm sure it's saved us a small fortune in batteries.

In terms of games, probably Mario Kart. Get a second remote and a second steering wheel too.

I agree with mario cart, is our most played game
and we loved playing rayman rabbids 2 as a family, lots of fun because you ca play against each other and there daft things that kids would enjoy to


Mario Cart game & 2 wheels

Wouldn't bother with the wheels - After a week or 2 I stopped using it as it was FAR easier to control the cart with the control and nunchuck

It was fun though.

mario cart is over rated, get ur self a gun accesory and the house of the dead overkil game, tremendous fun, but dont play it in front of the kids.

get the rechargable battery packs for the board and controllers. will save you a few quid in the long run .

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Cheers for the sugestions.

wheres the cheapest place to get the rechargable battery packs for the board and controllers, extra controller and nunchuck and mario kart.
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