What adaptor do I need for a sony memory stick?

    My sister has a sony cybershot camera, and i'm stuck as to what I need to be able to stick the memory card into my SD card slot on my laptop??

    I'm assuming there is such a thing!

    Thanks in advance x


    Don't think theirs a converter but you can get a usb reader that'll read m2 and duo pro cards for pretty cheap.
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    if it is a mirco sd card then a micosd to sd adamter should do have a couple send u 1 for 99p

    what laptop do you have? or more to the point what is the slot like, mine is one slot but can take sd and pro duo and is only one slot, do you have a pic of the slot? or does it have anything on the side of it that says what is able to take?

    You should have got one with the card I did when I bought mine although a cheap eBay job will do the trick

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    I just have an SD card slot, it doesn't take any other kind..

    Can I get something to use in the USB port??

    Could someone give me a link, i'm pretty useless at this sort of thing!!

    Oh btw it's a sony memory stick pro duo x
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    Something like This you need, they sell them in big asda and tesco's as well as maplin, pcworld curry's etc might even have them in pound land.

    all your looking for is a usb card reader that takes pro duo might be some cheapy ones out there if you look out for one, unless you plan on using it more than a couple of times

    280545285367 - item number on ebay for £2.99

    you might also need 310240766859 if you dont all ready have one
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    Have gone for the cheapo options seen as won't be using it very much, thanks for all your help x

    so u dont want the sd adaptor 99p


    so u dont want the sd adaptor 99p

    She has a memory stick. SD is a competing format and as it is a competing format, it is not compatible with Sony's format.
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