What alcoholic drink is this???

Answers on a postcard????
Or is it non alcoholic?
I was going to say maybe some sort of raspberry or sloe gin.
CelestialLegend5th Feb

Looks like these …Looks like these https://www.tiptree.com/index.php/products/fruit-gin-liqueur.html

Silver cap with round front label
Asda bag might be a clue Waston?
It's not Rum.......
Shengis9 m ago

It's not Rum.......

Thanks Captain Sparrow...
If you can take a photo can you not perhaps pick it up and read the label?
Very carefully taken with the front label of every bottle hidden.
Edited by: "mrty" 5th Feb
Judging by the colour I'd say it was Tiptree's Damson Gin.
Am I right?
Do I get a prize?
Is this the Tuesday quiz come a day early?
Today is a special quiz
I’m not even going to guess. Any quiz/prize draw/competition on here is always won by @barriey.
Croft Pink Port.

Edited by: "cecilmcroberts" 5th Feb
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