...What an amazing game of badminton.

Anyone see it?!


Yes, just been screaming at the telly, absoloutley brilliant! :thumbsup:

1 - 1?

Original Poster Supermod


1 - 1?

It brought a tear to my eye.

Well Done Team GB

yea just watched it.thought they had lost it thou. great come back

Did we win or loose???


did a lot better than the pair this morning!


got there in the end. well done

is that for semi's or medals


is that for semi's or medals

i might b wrong but i think its only the quarters

right cheers. lets hope they keep up the hard work

dont know when next round is played.dog was biting me toes!!!!

Was awesome. Only caught the last 10 minutes when it looked like they were out but yay! Team GB!

Yeah what a match,what a result come on GB:thumbsup:

reaper649 im only new to this but welcome

yeh was great game, the chinese guy lost just lost it in the end to nerves, was his first games.
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