What andriod phone to Replace Iphone 5S?

    Hi Guys,

    I had a 4s for two years, and in jan i swapped for a 5s. Ive kinda had enough of apple now, and want to try and andriod phone. One which has battery battery than the 5s!!

    Does anyone know, what i would be able to sell my 5S for and get a decent andriod phone in replacement?

    Ive only had Iphones as smartphones, so unsure on what the best ones are to go for.


    i have samsung note 3 bit bigger but good phone.. or moto g gets good reviews on here but only 3g if that matters to you...

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    i have samsung note 3 bit bigger but good phone.. or moto g gets good … i have samsung note 3 bit bigger but good phone.. or moto g gets good reviews on here but only 3g if that matters to you...

    Thanks for the reply, i do get 4G as part of my three contract, so would like to keep that really. The battery life on the iphones are shocking really

    the new moto g 4g does have 4g/lte, plus it also has an sdcard slot, i think.

    it has good battery life. have a play around with it in the shop, and remember it is on the budget end of the market (£150 compared to £500 i-phud)

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    Thanks fred box, just looking at different options and just fancy a change more than anything.

    One thing to remember is that an iPhone is a flagship device so if you are looking for a replacement that will do 'everything and more' and give a similar user experience then you will be looking at a flagship device on Android (eg HTC One, Samsung Galaxy / Note, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z-series, Google Nexus.) The reason for this is that Apple only have to make sure their games work on one or two devices and check every app added to the app store. On Android there are many different devices with differing specs etc so it is rare that an app is optimised - this means that the device has to compensate and so uses more resources (CPU, RAM etc). I've known a number of people move from an iPhone and buy a low to mid range phone and been less than happy with it as they expect it to run as smoothly as an iPhone. Probably the best phone to spec ratio would be given by the Google Nexus.

    Moto X


    excellent battery life - I get well over a day ouit of mine with 4G away from home, wifi at home - wifi and bluetooth on 24/7 - oh and max backlight !!!

    nice quality phone with some neat features like active notications atht use minimum power due to OLED screen and near instant camera on with a flick of the wrist


    You'll probably find that Android users' opinions of which phone to buy are as fragmented as the OS itself - as has already been stated, if you go for any of the brands' flagships you won't be buying a bad phone.

    Throwing my preference into the ring, I'm on an Xperia Z2, having been impressed with the original Z sufficiently to keep with that family of phones. Partially due to the original (at the time) waterproof capabilities, and partially because I've always rated Ericsson phones, and assumed that Sony would be the next best thing...not that I haven't made some bad choices in the past, just google the Nokia 3650....
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    moto 4g best phone ever made


    moto 4g best phone ever made

    Eh? Best value, maybe. But best phone ever?

    Note 3, superb phone with awesome battery life!! It's amazing how quickly you get used to the size, I gave my daughter my old iPhone 4s & now I wonder how i ever managed to see anything on that screen!

    Check out carphonewarehouse, they are doing deals on upgrades.

    I did same as you mate bought iphone then bought s4 and regretted it ever since I really don't like it dunno what it is.but I would pick ios etc every time the way to go.

    Tinker123 the way to go.

    all got our own opinions but I'm no fan boy in any way just rather have ios interface etc


    Eh? Best value, maybe. But best phone ever?

    Money/Phone ratio its probably the best. I wouldn't say the MOTO X was 2.5x better than the Moto G 4G

    Can't grumble with my Sony m2. Fantastic battery life, very nippy and only cost me £160 (EE).

    I have the Apple 4s. I am not someone who changes devices often but becoming very disillusioned with Apple,

    My phone now only holds it's charge for about 6 hrs, so looks like I will be forced to replace it.

    It won't be another Apple, so this thread has come at the right time for me

    And the bigger screens are now a necessity.......55+yrs and too vain to wear reading glasses

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    Moto G for a cheap, good performance android phone, Nexus 5 for performance and bargain cost and HTC one or LG G3 for top of the range. I personally own a N5 and I find it does what I need it to do. Only upside of having a Nexus is you'll get the stock android updates before everyone else.
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