What Android apps do you have on your phone?

Found 30th Apr 2011
Recently bought the Galaxy S and looking for some good apps/games.

Currently have:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Shazam
- Engadget
- Sky News
- Joystiq
- Runtastic
- eBuddy
- Urban Dictionary
- Last FM
- Your Orange
- Winamp
- Antivirus
- Lookout

- All angry birds
- MX Moto Lite
- YooNinja
- Replica Island
- Slice it


Whats this phone like? Have ordered a Desire S but may change it for this?

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Yep, its a good phone, as good as my iPhone.

I love this app, I spend ours on it. Not sure if it is on Android though?
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Whats this phone like? Have ordered a Desire S but may change it for this?

cancel. . . . But get the galaxy S ll instead.


I love this app, I spend ours on it. Not sure if it is on Android though?

It sums things up quite nicely!

S2 is a lot more expensive..offerred the HTC S or Galaxy S for free...so only a choice of these 2

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Yeah get the galaxy s 2, but i had to buy it myself, as still got like a year on my contract so got the galaxy s.

Edit: just read the above, nevermind.
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Angry Birds
CoPilot -- satnav
Adfree -- removes Google ads embedded into some free apps like Angry Birds
eBay -- cos the eBay mobile site sucks
JustPictures -- cos the default picture viewer sucks (on my phone, anyway)
HomeSwitcher + Launcher Pro -- third party home screen. Better performance than the stock one imo. Nicer to look at too
Opera Mobile -- miles better than the default internet browser
PhoneUsage -- keeps track of how many minutes, texts and data I've used. Use it to make sure I don't use more than my allocated 500MB per month.
Root Explorer -- use occasionally for accessing the phone's file system.
SoundGarage -- third party app to access SoundCloud. The official one sucks!
Titanium Backup -- very handy app which can backup your other apps. Useful when switching ROM and you want to preserve your settings.

With the exception of the eBay app, I never download apps which just show one website. No reason to have a FB, twitter, BBC, etc app when you can just use an internet browser to access them all.
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Thanks oldmanhouse, i'll check those out.

On top of the ones mentioned, I have tv show streams to watch all tv shows family guy etc, applanet, train times uk(saved me alot), my t mobile, evening standard, independent newspaper, pro evo 11,need for speed shift, pic say pro, catch that bus,offl, amazon uk, london tube status,soccer scores, sky+,myplayer (old version with bbc iplayer),soccer pulse to watch epl,ucl goals, food finder, supermarket locator,catch that oyster, and documents to go, for all my ms documents! Most are free some are not, I use applanet and 4shared.com and torrents for those paid ones

3 angry birds
app 2 sd
aura (satnav)
droid of day
fast burst camera
fruit ninja
mini info
multi mount sd
paper toss
rom manager
root explorer
screen shot it
titanium backup
turn silent
unrar pro
xscope pro

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I use a third party keyboard -- SwiftKey. Best one IMO. Have tried most of the main ones except Swype, I just knew I wouldn't get on with it!

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Thanks for the suggestions. Swype came on the phone, its pretty good.

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I have most of the ones listed already...,i also downloaded the hmv app that lets you scan the barcodes of all your games and gives you the trade in value for them
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