What animals do you own? :)



    A grey parrot, a brown dog and multicoloured tropical fish !


    I got a snake

    Well - I wouldn't be 'Simpy Purrrfect' if I wasn't a CAT now would I... I mean come on....!



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    Iv owned quite a lot of pets before

    2 Rabbits
    2 gerbils
    2 Guinea Pigs
    a rat!

    Now i have my Jack russel x sheltie
    she thinks shes a baby, doesnt realise shes a dog!

    very cleaver, you wont belive me but she does the following commands :-

    Stay (she will stay until i say go or click my finger)
    Kiss (lshe nows where to kiss doesnt lick all over like most dogs)
    Talk (barks obv)
    Walks Slow (The more you say slow the slower she walks lol)
    Scratches(scrathes leg / foot when i say scratch)



    Not a single animal 'owned' in this house.

    i have a 13 year old spaniel,2 yorkies who are 10 wks and 16 wks and a cat...and a steam mop that is my life saver!!!!!!!!!!

    I have two cats:-D

    ive got two squids!

    2 cats

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    ive got two squids!

    deffo win the prize for the unusualist


    2 dogs, 1 cat, and depending on time of month a cow!!

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    2 catsfishrabbit hamsterman

    man lol i like it.


    kerri_ deffo win the prize for the unusualist :)xxx


    2 dogs, 1 cat, and depending on time of month a cow!!

    oh my giddy aunt! :w00t::w00t:

    one dalmation
    one labrador
    6 ducks
    one horse
    and a donkey soon to arrive when we are approved by local sanctuary

    I used to own a cow, but manged to find a new home for her. its ok tho i still vist my sister

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    I used to own a cow, but manged to find a new home for her. its ok tho i … I used to own a cow, but manged to find a new home for her. its ok tho i still vist my sister



    my mam

    1 x DangerGod... I keep him in a cage


    tried to upload pics on my post, cant see them tho.

    paste the link (…jpg) into



    1 x DangerGod... I keep him in a cage

    i keep mine in my boxers (sometimes) :whistling:

    lol u itee hun?

    do kids count?

    id love a pig



    do kids count?

    only if you keep them on a lead or in a cage

    border collie (best dog in the world)

    two budgies

    three goldfish

    I don't own any animals. I wouldn't mind having a dog, but I don't think I'd have te time to devote to it. I'd never own a bird. D'you all not just see it as insanely cruel to lock a bird whose instinct is to fly and effortlessly glide the world's rainforests up in a small cage in a dingy little room in a house somewhere?

    I do have a pet blackbird, though. Well, not really a pet as such, but he might as well be. He lives in one of my trees with his lass, barely ever ventures outside of m garden, and gets fed every day by me. Sometimes several times every day. I think he's got some chicks right now, since he's demanding massive amounts of food at the moment. And he genuinely is demanding, by the way. He sits on the wall, or if it's closer to the window then the bin, peering into the house and chirps loudly until he gets fed. He'll come up to within a few feet of me and do the same thing if I'm in the garden. It's cute. He seems to have figured the system out nicely. He seems quite clever. I like that. The robins do similar things, too. They'll follow me around when I'm doing anything in the garden, nipping in and out when they spy any bugs that I've exposed. They live in one of my trees, too.

    Border collie x Rough collie
    West Highland terrier
    (harley & scooby)

    tropical fish
    90 Litre tank - glass fish, angel fish, plec's
    30 Litre tank - full of neons & cloud minows

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    Aww that ginny pig looked like mine



    i keep mine in my boxers (sometimes) :whistling:lol u itee hun?

    Even better now I have the image of your trouser snake in my head! :w00t:


    1. dog .. nasty
    2. dog ... nice

    i have 2 cats,were my daughters but seem to have custody o

    I am owned by my 2 cats and I have a 180 litre fish tank with lots of tropical fish in it

    I have...

    2 Hamsters
    2 Gerbils
    2 guinea Pigs
    6 Chickens

    Staffordshire bull terrier
    Guinea pig
    Tropical fish
    Cold water fish
    1 ankle clutcher
    1 sex demander..
    In order of preference!

    Have 4 Cats (soon to be 5 when new one comes on Saturday!)
    4 Gerbils
    2 x Fish tanks full of tropical fish
    1 x son (who's a lttle monkey)
    1 x man (who's a right grouch most of the time!)

    I have 2 rats! They act like two little dogs at times

    a puppy and boy am i regretting it
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