What Antivirus to use?

    Whats everyones opinion on what anti virus to use?
    I currently use Microsoft Security only basically It got recommended by a few friends but I noticed a few trojans coming up during some scans recently im guessing if it notices them it doing the right thing or is that completely wrong in the sense it should "block" them before they get on my computer

    Ta people


    try Avast

    Comodo Internet Security, have used lots of free ones in the past but this is the best I have used.

    DID USE AVG FREE but have now changed to avast free and find it much better

    if your on virgin,get pc guard for free (on 3 p.c's too if you have more than one).
    very good,caught everything ive ever been unlucky to get,and updates definitions everyday.

    Norton 2010
    eset smart security.
    wouldnt touch anything else.

    these 2 are the only ones that have keep mu pc and laptop flawless last few years. tried PC cillin (now trend micro), bit defender, AVG (free and premium).

    spent years slagging off norton, but the 2010 version is excellent.

    never trust a free antivirus.
    its a sample product used for marketing purposes only. not cos they like you and wanna give you something for free.
    businesses need money!

    AVG Free, used it for 5 years now....been fantastic.


    AVG or Avast. If you pay for anti-virus then you are batsh it mental! Seriously. I've used Avast for years and I have not seen a virus in all that time.


    AVG and avast both have clunky UI's, use a lot of ram, pop up at annoying moments and AVG is generally terrible at keeping out viruses. Microsoft security essentials ftw

    Use one called Sophos that is mainly an enterprise one. Absolutely brilliant but kind of expensive if you are buying it yourself.

    Microsoft Essentials works fine for me.

    I got rid of AVG that was just becoming a nuisance.

    Norton 2010 is excellent, way better than the Norton of old.

    Have lots of friends who use the freebies and I'm always sorting out their virus problems (sometimes requiring a re-install). There was a post on here today from somebody using AVG who has a virus. You've been warned oO
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    why are you mental if you pay for an internet security?
    if you honestly believe the free version is adequate then you are the mental one.

    why would a company make a free software?
    it doesnt bring ANY money in.

    its a sample program that advertises the premium paid for version.

    businesses are there to make money, money furthers research and development into improving the software and paying employees.

    if you choose the free version you get basic limited cover, updates less frequently and no support.
    it'll generally nag you to buy the full version too.
    it'll need to be used in conjunction with other programs to provide a full security suite.

    you can use 3-5 different free things and set them all up and configure them and hope they don't conflict, or you can stop being so god damn stingy and put your hand in your pocket and protect your pc properly.

    almost every single virus related post on here is from someone with either AVG or another free software.
    they are just not as good, even the testing shows that.

    norton 2010 won product of the year at av-comparatives with kaspersky 2nd and eset 3rd.



    AVG Free, used it for 5 years now....been fantastic.

    ignorance is bliss I suppose. Put a decent virus scanner on and just see how many trojans are lurking on your PC. Practically every PC I have to fix these days for my mates has AVG on it.

    AVG is a computer shops wet dream


    I use kaspersky btw (free from barclays)
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