what are CEX like to deal with

    was thinking of going up to belfast within the next while, bringing some games, etc was wondering what are they like to deal with

    are you guaranteed to get the prices on the website?
    are their games always in good condition, or are a load of them scratched?
    do they have any issues with taking in large volumes?


    Can take up to 9 of each title
    The price on website is what you get no more no less
    Game conditions are hit and miss but they offer 12 month warranty so just tell them to clean it or exchange.
    Most stores ive been to never have cash so only offer trade.

    I have dealt with both the Belfast store and the one in Lisburn. The one in Lisburn is much bigger and the staff (although young) seem well clued up and helpful. When I wanted cash for my games in the Belfast store they told me to come back in a couple of days as someone had just brought in a couple of PS3's and cleared out their float.

    Just thought I'd say some thing:
    When trading in, they will look at your discs for any marks and if there are a few scratches they may reduce the price they give you by £1.
    They told me that it was so they could use their machine to "clean" it. But I find that a load of bull, seeing as a lot of the games I bought from them were still heavily scratched (so they don't "clean" them at all).
    They will only clean the discs when a customer* buys the tatty discs then comes back and complains!!



    don't worry, I'll be bringing a list of the prices taken from the site to … don't worry, I'll be bringing a list of the prices taken from the site to make sure they don't try screw me over

    What I'm saying is if the discs have scratches they may tell you they want em cleaned and will charge you for it, hence taking £1 off the value


    if i was to sell a phone on cex do they pay for the postage to get the phone to them? sorry if i sound dumb but i've never used them before
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