What are CEX like to sale to?

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Found 7th Feb 2010
My partner has the following to sale and we were thinking of taking them into cex but wanted to see what peoples opions of Cex we're first
Blackberry bold 9000
ipod classic 80gb
ipod touch 8gb

Thank you x

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youd probs be better off selling on here if you made sure you followed all the rules. cex offers usually arent much good. theyll give you a high credit price and a low cash offer.

better selling on here or AV forums imo

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does anyone else buy items like the above on the highstreet? x

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Thanks chaz i have looked at the website but was thinking of taking them into store but i have heard some shops dont have money or something along those lines lol x

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my only concern with selling them through a forum is the posting of the items as they are high value

I sold a 2g iphone to CEX for a good price, it was just difficult to know when they would have the cash, you can't phone them to find out if they've got any, so you have to keep calling in.
I did get someone from their head office to email me when the particular branch I was selling to had the cash, but it's a risk that they'll still have the money when you get there.

I took a psp mint condition , boxed, offered me i think 74 then as they had no earphones went down to about 30, crazy.

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I have listed in my local gumtree thank you for the advise

*to sell

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lol sorry mum2b had a wiggle toddler trying to climb onto my lap x
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