What are cookies?and how do I disable them?

    Hi,this may seem like a dumb question,but as the title says,what are cookies and how do i disable them?
    The reason i ask is because I have recently joined quidco(what took you so long?!!) and it is mentioned on their website a lot to disable cookies.

    Also,just recently ie during this last week,whenever I have been using pricerunner etc,I cannot click automatically to some retailers sites,I keep getting 'Bad server request' messages and underneath that there is a long line of stuff starting with the word cookie:?

    I hope i have explained this well enough,i just do not understand why this has started to happen,I've never had this problem before.


    Disabling cookies will mean you don't get any money from quidco! Quidco uses the cookies to track your purchases and pay you cashback!

    I think you're getting mixed up with "clearing cookies" before a purchase. This means all cookies are cleared, so some other site doesn't get the refferral money instead of you, such as pricerunner for example.

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    I probably am confused:oops:

    So,is this happening because i have had,say,a window open for HUKD,Quidco and another for Pricerunner?

    I don't really know why it is happening, but what I recommend is this - use a completely seperate browser for any of your online purchases. Set quidco as the homepage, and go to the retailer site through that. Don't use that browser for browsing.

    That should take care of any issues you have.

    For example, the firefox browser, or the opera browser.

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    Thanks emma,it does say that on quidco but in all honesty i was not sure what it meant!
    By browser do you mean an alternative to internet explorer?
    Is it something i just download from the internet?

    Yes, all your points above are correct

    See ][COLOR=blue]here[/COLOR] for one example

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    thank you very much:thumbsup:

    The things I've learnt since joining this forum,everyone is so helpful,it's become my favourite place to while away my spare time:friends:


    ... become my favourite place to while away my spare time:friends:

    me too :-D

    I don't seem to have any spare time...because of this place.:giggle:

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    Hello again,I am still having trouble clicking on links to retailers:-(

    this is what happens ]click please

    this is what came up when trying the link on the Harrods wine glasss deal.It is happening a lot lately,whenever i am using pricerunner etc,I have no idea why.

    Can anyone shed any light,please.

    That link directed me straight to harrods.

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    That link directed me straight to harrods.

    :? :-( I really am confused now!the link i posted is titled,on my pc anyway,'400 bad request-microsoft internet explorer' That's the title in the blue task bar thingy.

    the message i get is 'Your browser sent a request that this server did not understand.Size of a request header field exceeds server limit'

    Then underneath that is 'cookie:TD_UNIQUE_IMP.....a very long line of numbers,letters and stuff and i mean a very long line,it doesn't fit on my screen,I have to scroll across!!

    OK too technical for me to solve. Perhaps someone else here will have an idea.

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    OK too technical for me to solve. Perhaps someone else here will have an … OK too technical for me to solve. Perhaps someone else here will have an idea.

    Thanks for looking anyway:)

    Any clever persons out there have an idea?
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