What are dealextreme.com like for deliveries?!!

Found 3rd Jan 2011
Thinking of ordering one of these PS3 controllers for £14.20, but i havent ever used DX before.


Are they good or should i avoid them?
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slow this time of year, probably more like 4-8 weeks over christmas and new year but stuff does eventually turn up
You do know that they are not genuine controllers don't you?
Dont you have to make sure your firmware isnt past 3.50?
yeah there really slow, hubby ordered something the 4th Dec and is still waiting, previously he had ordered something the 5th Nov and it arrived the about the 25th Nov

Dont you have to make sure your firmware isnt past 3.50?

That's only for unofficial USB controllers I think?

These controllers are obviously fake, but I guess they've copied the way in which official Sony controllers sync via Bluetooth as I don't think there are any 3rd party bluetooth controllers out there? Even the official Guitar Hero guitar isn't bluetooth -- I assumed that was because Sony don't let 3rd parties use their Bluetooth syncing mechanism..
Really slow this time . I ordered 2 things for Christmas presents . Both were ordered on the 06/11/10 and they have not arrived . First time ever i have had this with them
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yeah they are slow but don't know what else people expect, very cheap prices and usually free delivery and they come from hong kong

I've used them loads of times and the stuff always turns up in 3-4 weeks
I ordered a controller at the beginning of december 2010,i'm still waiting for it to arrive but i paid via paypal so if it doesnt arrive, then i will open an "item not received" dispute and escalate this immediately and paypal will then take over the case, they will attempt to contact dealextreme on your behalf via email and eventually you will end up with a refund and the controller may still turn up at your door but at a very later date.

No there are loads of bluetooth clones, sony blocked a big batch of them … No there are loads of bluetooth clones, sony blocked a big batch of them over a year ago now. So not sure why people are going on about 3.50 as ot was done ages ago.

v3.50 blocked unofficial USB devices to counter the jailbreak and loads of unofficial USB controllers were blocked as a result too
Im going to give it a miss, not waiting weeks for a controller.

Thanks for all the replies
it took me 10 weeks to get some screen protectors for my iphone cheap but not worth the wait.
We'll be on PS5 by the time you get them.
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