What are EE retentions deals like these days?


    My iPhone 6 contract is coming to an end. I'm looking to get iPhone 7 128GB. I had a look at the upgrade deal and can see that EE are offering this to me for £399 on £40.99 contract with 10GB data. The same from Mobile Phones direct is £128.99 or £164.99 as upgrade (not sure why upgrade is higher).

    Just wanted to get some feedback on the retentions deals that people have gotten from EE recently. Can the deals from mobile phones direct and other providers be used to haggle with EE.



    Not having any luck with them at all!

    When I left EE, they offered me a £10 reduction for my current plan, (200m,Utxt,2GB), down to £20 first of all, and then they offered me 20GB of data instead of 2 for £30 instead.

    Either way I rejected it as they're terrible value in my experience. This is a price for SIM only. I left for 3 who gave me Unlimited Data/Texts and 200 mins for £18 a month, and EE were unable to match it despite my explanation that I would stay if they had.

    My gain I suppose, but there's my 2 cents.

    EE retention deals suck, they don't care if you leave as the staff are bonused on revenue, not ceases.

    I've just left EE and ordered through to rejoin EE as a new customer, it was far far cheaper.
    Also try BT as they own the EE network, you'll get an iTunes or Amazon card in the next 9 days.

    I went through cpw, who offered me a better offer the my network.......go figure???
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