What are Epson printers like nowadays ?

Found 11th Apr 2010
My Canon IP4000 has given up after 5 years service

Im looking at a Epson for a replacement as they seem cheapest to run , my last experience with Epson wasnt very good, constant cleaning cycles and bocked heads.

Have them improved over the years are are they still rubbish ?


Still the same. But cheap to run so you gotta put up with any faults. Mine kept blocking cos I don't use em often enough.

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Ah right no change then thought they might have made em better.

Anyone got experience of Brother ? This one in particular


still the same. I got a great deal at canon outlet on ebay...worth a look
it was a refurb....but arrived brand new

There is a good reason for the constant cleaning and blocked heads in Epson printers. The print head is built into the printer whereas with most other manufacturers, they use the print heads within the cartridge which means changing the cartridge also replaces the print heads but inevitably at greater expense. The upshot being that if the print head is clogged up, the cartridge can be changed whereas for Epson printers, the issue is more troublesome. This is especially the case with remanufactured cartridges for Epson printers using ink of the wrong viscosity.

I have 2 Epsons and (so far !) never had a problem with clogged print heads. I use the cheapest possible replacement cartidges and they seem to be great printers - I use them for work stationery as well as photos and results have always been excellent - maybe I'm just luckier than I thought !!

I have an Epson R220 on its second CISS system. The heads do get blocked but a quick blast on the power clean with the service utility soon sorts that out and with the ink for the CISS so cheap you don't notice the waste. Couldn't compare quality as the only time i used Epson inks was with the starter set. My R200 before lasted countless ink changes before finally biting the bullet after 3 years.

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Thats the one i was considering its pretty cheap

Take a look at Brother Printers, very cheap compatible cartridges, great printers.

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Take a look at Brother Printers, very cheap compatible cartridges, great … Take a look at Brother Printers, very cheap compatible cartridges, great printers.

Yeah i have been the one at Tesco, customer reviews are pretty good but expert reviews are poor , the front loading tray and wireless would come in habdy





Probably the so called " experts " aren't getting as big a back hander from Brother as they do from the competition.

I have 3 Brother All - in - Ones, no problems whatsoever.

My last Canon ended up in the skip.
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