What are everyones thoughts of the Xbox E3

    anyone watch the E3 what do you think:
    new xbox (slimer + wifi) which everyone in the audience got for free
    Kinect (Natal)
    and the new games…e3/


    link ????????????????????????

    Ain't heard nout about this! :O


    They all just got a free xbox slim.. wtf.. jealous!!…82/

    i want the new slim 360 it looks well sexyyyy

    gonna buy one when my xbox breaks


    There is already a thread for this on the main page.

    Ill be honest, that blew my mind!

    New Xbox has built in wifi n, 4 usb ports, and built in optical. Also by the looks of it a figure of 8 power cable so there shouldnt be a power brick.


    They all just got a free xbox slim.. wtf.. … They all just got a free xbox slim.. wtf.. jealous!!

    The natal/kinect/whatever looked like it had some potential if people liked the wii, driving games will be pretty bland though as it will just be like a dodge em type of game as i cant see how anyone could accelerate or brake without a controller.

    the names and concepts of the games were very wii though like kinect sports, just looked like a revamped version of wii sports without the controllers.

    i wonder if the presentation has made sony think about a few changes in what they show tomorrow.

    will anyone here be buying the new 360? i wont as the one i have now doesnt get enough play time as it is, ESPN on it however is very tempting to put it back onto gold membership.

    will just have to wait and see what sony's reply is


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