What are fair prices to pay for xbox 360 games?

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Found 29th Nov 2006

What prices do we want to see xbox 360 games at? obviously the cheaper the better but there should be a fair price range, i don't like seeing games for £30-50 i'd never pay that for any game! :pirate:

So i think the best games should be £29.99 at launch and then after a short while drop to around £20-£25 with the not-so-good games and platinum games going for £15 :thumbsup:

What do you guys think?


Keep waiting, I'm sure someone will be along to answer your question soon.

Not sure if there are any Socialist Collective Gaming organisations out there writing code for the Xbox. So you may be out of luck as I suspect that ALL of the gaming companies do so to make money.

Just like my company I don't do it for the good of my health or a warm cosy glow of being fair and I certainly don't base my pricing policy on what is fair, I charge as much as the market will stand and sometimes a bit more on top.

I didn't think they made Xbox 360 games any longer...

they did a decade ago, and £30 would have been a great price.

Posted 1 decade, 1 week ago

you win X)
bit less these days
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