What are go go's crazy bones? Where do you buy them?

Found 9th Mar 2009
After my eldest loosing his first tooth the other night and getting his tooth fairy money, good old grandad has got him on to gogo's. Now apparantely these are the height of collectable toys and my boys know what they are, so where do you get them?
It's like the old football stickers/pogs what high street store sell them, does anyone know as now the 2 eldest both want to collect them!
A bit embarassed my dad knows all about it, but I know nothing of the latest fad, ahem....
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Crazy bones have been on and off for years, with many iterations of them. Try a local newsagent for them
we get em in rs mccoll newsagent-not sure if they are nationwide-chain of newsagents in scotland.
A lot of shops sell them - and Woolworths used to! Amazon sell them too. They cost 99p/£1 per pack of three with three stickers for the book. My kids collect them too...
entertainer and toys r us
toys r us always have them, but by the tills usually.
WH Smith sell them too.

WH Smith sell them too.

thats where they are here-my little fella was desperate for some on saturday-they are the latest craze at his school too !:thumbsup:
Amazon have them, they are always in the toy bestsellers list.

Changing subject, I have the Gummi Bear song playing from ]another thread on here, and I looked at Bigred01's avatar and it looked like he was dancing along to it - very funny!!!
Yeah, my 7 year old son has been into these for a while now, and loads of the kids at school are into them too. All of the places already mentioned and the Co-op and Spar, usually have them too as well as the smaller newsagents. I have found that alot of places tend to keep them hidden behind the counter, so if you can't see them it may be worth asking :).
toys r us
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