What are in my cupboards??

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Found 1st Aug 2014
I'm hoping someone may have knowledge about this. My wife recently opened a bag of flour to find loads of small things crawling about inside. On further inspection, they seemed to be in any non-airtight packs and containers and on the cupboard shelves.

My own research showed the possibility that these are weevils, but on looking at the images of weevils, they don't look the same. I would take a pic, but nothing would be visible as they are very small. They are about 2mm long (max) and white. They are easily mistakable with a piece of dust until they start moving. Against the white flour, they were slightly greyer in appearance. I'm not sure if theree are different types of weevil, but they did seem to be attracted to any sugars and grains (flour, cereal, etc).

Does anyone know what these could be and how to remove them. I have binned almost everything from that cupboard, wiped it down fully, but there are a few coming back, probably hiding behind the cupboards and inaccessible to me. Other than using some sort of room filling fog, I don't have a clue what I can do. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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I think they are flour beetles. They are often found in flour (esp if its old & warm). Get rid of the flour, clean/bleach cupboard and it should be fine.



Flour Mites? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flour_mite

Thats what I meant, doh! not beetles! X

Flour mites:



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Point 17 - not helpful!! But the rest is. It does look like it's flour mites, so I think I will have to go on a binning/freezing spree and probably leave the cupboards empty for a few days to make sure they have gone. Next step, search HUKD for cheap tupperware.....

whatever they are, put a few loose clove seeds in each drawer and leave them there . the tiny insects will hopefully be gone within a couple of days. my sis had them. i advised her to do this and her cupboards were clear within a couple of days. good luck!

We had this recently. I think it was from a bag of flour we bought from Tesco. Was brand new put in cupboard with the rest of our flours (my wife bakes a lot) and few days later when she came to use the new flour we noticed it was infested with small black bugs like the pictures from the links. On inspecting the rest of our flour stock they all had it. We binned them all. bleached the cupboards and dried them out. left for a day and no return so all is good

Always store packs of flour in plastic tubs. You wil never have the problem then


Always store packs of flour in plastic tubs. You wil never have the … Always store packs of flour in plastic tubs. You wil never have the problem then

Well, yes, you would if they were already in the flour when you bought it.

Rare that would happen. A plastic tub would contain it anyway and save a lot of cleaning and contamination of other products, avoiding more expense

Just use the flour anyway. Nothing wrong with a few crispy bug copses in your cakes.
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