what are itunes vouchers for ?

    Hi all, ok i am going to show how really daft i am but what are itunes vouchers for ? i know the obvious that you can buy music with them but can you do anything else ?

    reason I ask is that i am hoping to get hubby and ipod touch and i know a few places are doing free itunes vouchers with them i just wondered if he could use these to buy apps & stuff not just music.

    i think argos & hmv are doing free vouchers at the mo but nowhere seems to really sell ipods any cheaper than the next. would it be best to wait til new year sales maybe ?

    Thanks for any help


    "The iTunes Store makes it easy to give songs, albums, playlists, audiobooks, music videos, movies, and TV shows to anyone. Or give iTunes Gift Cards and gift certificates and let them choose for themselves."…ts/

    think there are some deals going on.…nes

    the 2x£15 vouchers for £20 at Morrisons.…rri

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    thanks for the links kippy have added some rep for you. i'm not sure if free itunes vouchers are the best deal then as i dont think e would really buy a lot of music as mostly puts own music on his creative mp3 at the mo.

    you're v welcome and thanks for the rep

    you can use them for apps too which he will need for an ipod touch

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    you can use them for apps too which he will need for an ipod touch

    i think that is mainly what he wants, to have games strange apps etc on it then put his own music on. i can only afford an 8gb though which i hope will be big enough.
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