what are my options - i;ve got a crappy mobile phone


    I've got a samsung f700 on contract from vodafone, but the handset is driving me mad. I just cant get on with the touch screen. I've got about half my contract to go still (7/8months), aside from getting a PAYG handset and changing the sim or buying an unlocked phone what other options have I got?

    Can I approach vodafone for a replacement this early in the contract? can I cancel my current contract and start a new one?

    Help please and thank you


    i cant use touch screens as my hands are dry..sounds weird but true!! ask voda can you have an early upgrade? tell them the situation-failing that sell it and buy another or swap it!

    you can trade the phone and get conventional phone here

    Of course, if the phone failed...............................................................

    you can swap with my w610i lol jk

    accidentally drop it down the toilet then claim back on insurance.

    I think your best option is to sell the current handset and put the funds towards buying another. To cancel your contract you have to buy it out although I'm not sure how much Vodafone charge for this (it's normally quite a lot), it's worth asking the same question at the Vodafone E-forum as the responses from Vodafone are usually prompt and accurate:


    Hey Mate. What sort of condition is the handset in? I actually got a Sony Ericsson K660i recently which i'm hoping to p/a for an f700.

    will add some cash of course to sweeten the deal. pm me if interested

    you wana sell your f700? ill buy it
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