What are my rights??

    I purchased a pair of nike legend boots from jjb on the 13th of october i paid £85, since then ive used them 8 times now the front of the boot were the bottom meets the top has become loose which is allowing water to come in when i play football, now for £85 i expected better, what can i do?


    Off the top of my head, I'd say 'Not fit for use' and get replacement or try for refund.

    Dont play football where its wet then!!

    Seriously this would fall under "not fit for the purpose for which intended" so you should be entitled to either an exchange in store if they still have them or a refund if they dont, dont be fobbed off as they are obviously substandard as they should last more than 8 games.
    Send them an email first to get their input then you can always print their reply and take it with you for support. [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]

    Alternatively phone them and ask, when speaking to them ask you are speaking to so as you can refer the instore chimps to query it with customer services as store staff are often useless at CS stuff [COLOR=Blue]01942 210120[/COLOR]

    I am sure that if you take them back and explain the problem they will replace them for you.Take the receipt with you(or proof of purchase ie credit card statement,bank statement etc will do) and tell them you expect better than a product failure after only 2 months,they are now not fit for purpose.

    If they are being awkward(hopefully they will see reason) then make sure you get the name of the store manager and ask for the head office address,tell them that you will write to head office about your complaint if you get no satisfaction(writing down names makes the complaint very personal!)

    Heck....even write to Dave Whelan c/o Wigan FC!!

    Good luck....I'm sure they will sort it.:)

    You should have no problem getting a refund in JJB.
    A friend of mine has been getting exchanges on his football boots for years in there. He would play in his boots until they were stitchless, then take them back and exchange them for a brand new pair! Brass neck on him.

    My daughters a solicitor

    Take back see manager
    Explain that they have not fit the purpose they were bought for and are expected to last a reasonable amount of wear not 8 times

    Will prob give u a replacement
    Dont get a credit note (unless there are signs up on the wall saying this is all they do)
    Do not leave the shop untill u get one

    ps.....just a thought
    dont swear or be abusive......just be firm but polite and dont go untill u get aqnother pair
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