What are my rights to return a faulty beard trimmer - Boots?

Posted 15th Dec 2022 (Posted 3 h, 23 m ago)
I bought a Remington Barba lithium beard trimmer online from Boots last year - 29th December. It has developed a fault in recent weeks of turning off a few seconds after switching it on.

I assumed that I could return it to Boots under a 12 month consumer rights thing. I was surprised to read that we now only have 6 month guarantees on most items sold in the UK. Is this true?

I signed up to Remington for an extra year warranty so will investigate that avenue. Not sure whether they replace, repair and don't fancy getting a 'refurbished' trimmer that once belonged to someone else.

Any advice welcome. (Grow a beard )
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    Guarantee and your Consumer Rights are not one and the same.

    Your CR with this are as that it is over 6 months old, the onus lies with you to prove an inherent fault.

    Boots usually give a 1 year guarantee, are you sure you don't have a 1 year guarantee with this? If so, this may be the easiest remedy.
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    The warranty is a manufactures warranty I'm sure if you get in touch with Remington they will sort it
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    Pop down to Boots with prof of purchase and show them the fault. They will be able to assist
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    Contact Remington, they will want proof of purchase and prob video of fault etc. (edited)
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    Consumer rights you have up to six years to claim. But after the first six months it is up to you to prove it is a fault that was caused by manufacturing and not just wear and tear or misuse.
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    Contact Remington if you want it repaired, or a new one.

    contact boots for a new one or refund (may be partial )

    If boots dig their heels in (doubtful ) you may have to pay an engineer to diagnose the fault to present to boots.

    How much was this thing, and did you pay with a credit card ?
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    No right to return as such, ever.
    Closest to RTR would be 14days off-premises order cancellation option. Even the 30days short term right to reject is not RTR as the consumer only has an obligation to make the rejected item available for collection, if the trader wishes to collect.
    Trader has obligation to make any non-conforming goods conform, which may or may not involve a return, and beyond 6 months from receipt the trader can choose to repair, replace or pro-rata refund.
    These product quality and durability obligations rest with the retailer for up to 6 years unless you live in Scotland.
    Consumer Rights Act 2015.

    Manufacturer may or may not separately offer a gesture of goodwill warranty for as long/short as it wishes/states.

    Any issues related to battery life may be problematic depending on reasonable performance/longevity expectation of an item typically regarded as a consumable.
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    Had identical situation with a Babyliss trimmer I bought in Nov 2021. It started overheating in Oct 22. 3 yr warranty. 1st year with Boots.

    I contacted them via their online form and told them it was faulty. That I wouldn't be using it again and that I didn't want a repair or same item as a replacement. Got this reply:-

    Returned it instore In all its original packaging and bits and pieces.

    Took a month to get the refund to my PayPal cos their systems are so antiquated. But at no point did they say not covered etc (edited)
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