Found 30th Oct 2008
Just wondering if anyone can help, I've got the following I might be selling:

Pink 'fat' PSP (Boxed with P!nk UMD, and PSP sleeve)
Outrun 2006
GTA Liberty City Stories (unpatched)
WWE Raw 10th Anniversery
WWE: The best of the Intercontinental Championship
WWE Divas

does anyone know what kind of price this lot would go for at the moment?

thanks in advance Sirs.

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Without the games a Pink phat one is £50 new.

maybe 50 with the games.

Are you going to sell this if so i might be interested. Thanks.

it's worth around 65 pounds



it's worth around 65 pounds

Agreed :thumbsup:

its worth more than the £50 others have stated (incl games and in vgc).


i'll offer £65 if interested?

Original Poster

thanks people, sorry for not responding but I had to rush away for a few days...

£65 isn't too bad... Madmax23 I'll have a think and wil list it if I decide to sell it (more than likely will tbh).


Ok, look forward to your post! :thumbsup:


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I haven't said I'm selling it yet, and if you look at my previous post I have said I will list it if I decide to sell it.
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