What are the best Apps for watching Sky Sports through my PS4 free please?

Found 2nd May 2016
Hi all, I am aware this is probably illegal or at the least a bit wrong, but I just wondered if there are any free Apps (or cheap purchasable ones) available through the PS4 that have Sky Sports football streaming. I know someone who watches on Mobdro through their firestick but we do not have a firestick or a smart TV and The price to add the sports on my Virgin package is absolute extortion as I will only watch a handful of games really, so only really left with the PS4 option.
If anyone has any help or advice then please reply or Send me a PM. Many thanks peeps!


Now TV. Buy some pringles and get the sky sports passes, or buy some passes as you need them, wont be too expensive as you'll only watch a few games, certainly a lot cheaper than a full sky sub.

Even better, pop down the pub.

For the saving you would make from not having sky sports surely a measly sum of £35 for a firestick is a good investment?
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