What are the best glass jars you've ever bought?

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Found 2nd Nov 2009
I use glass jars to put various things in such as tea and coffee.

It's free storage that helps the environment.

The largest I've found are the olive or gherkin jars in Lidl. My question to you is two fold. Where' the best place to buy large glass jars to store stuff like pasta in?

And what's the best glass jar you've ever bought, the most pretty etc?

I guess you could also add plastic tubs to this list.

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w t f

The Range - kilner jars
Aesthetically - I like mine clear :thumbsup:

When out I like mine filled with lager - to the top if you please :w00t:

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When you think about how much money people sometimes pay for stuff to store things in, it makes a deal where you've bought a jar even hotter.

im after some decent priced Kilner jars, the kids wanna make some sun jars, ok i do as well :whistling:

:?Coffee comes in glass jars anyway

try TK Maxx - they have really nice ones cheapish- suppose Asda / Tesco do too.

Not big enough for pasta - but the Douwe Egberts coffee jars are good for storage as they are thick glass with good airtight lids

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Coffee comes in glass jars anyway

Not filter coffee. Although I'll admit I should be keeping it in a jar that's more airtight.

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btw the big gherkin jars in Lidl are pretty huge really.

i bought some jars at ikea for flour and they were 89 p each


:?Coffee comes in glass jars anyway

Thats what I was thinking :thinking:

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You might want to read my third comment.

to store pasta in?

I Know safeway used to do really large plastic containers with rice in (think almost clothes washing liquid shaped bottle/4 pint milk container, but larger with a wide mouth and plastic screw lid like old school sweet jars)

Dont know if any of the supermarkets do them any more, but they line up nicely and store alot. I have several in my kitchen i use for pasta, rice etc etc.

Function over looks, they are stored in a cupboard anyway

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ah I'll never forget oldskool sweet jars. Reminds me of the eighties.

The fanily-sized Dolmio jars make good storage jars. They have a nice leaf pattern on the outside - but not large enough for pasta.

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Thanks everyone.

I like the look of kilner jars. Does anyone know of any reasonably priced product that comes in these sorts of jars?


ikea do some brilliant ones, we have loads and are cheap as chips

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I checked ikea, they do kilner jars but they start at about £2 each.
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