What are the best new phones to sell on (free upgrade)?

    I am due an upgrade on my phone contract but recently bought a model I wanted so don't need the upgrade and will sell on ebay. What phone would be best? If someone can make a few suggestions of the popular models and what they might fetch that would be great. Thanks very much.



    iphone always goes for a good price

    Palm Pre it's being released on O2 on 16th October
    That will sell possibly higher than the iPhone on ebay

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    not sure I will get an ipohone - I am on orange and can't imagine I will be entitled to the best phones going just a good popular one if you know what I mean


    cant go wrong with a 5800

    If u can get a Blackberry Bold then yr laughing, apparently they r in more demand than iPhones & are fetching crazy prices!:gift:

    HTC Hero's are going for a good price also, better if you get one that's sim free!

    Htc Hero,n97,w995

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    What is going to sell better a Nokia 6303, 6700 or 5800?

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    bump - come on guys - sure there are experts on here. Thanks

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    last bump - then I give up
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