What are the best travel websites to use for a Solo traveler please?

Found 31st May
Hi fellow HUKD'ers, I am looking for other people's experiences of the best travelling sites to use if you're a Solo traveler, it always seems so expensive on the usual websites that have single person suppliments. Any advice gratefully received
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All the specialist companies for solo travelers are even more expensive.

I just book the flight and accommodation myself - I always use Momodo for booking the flight (similar to skyscanner, but have found it cheaper most of the time) and then use either booking.com or hotels.com for the hotel, there could be cheaper sites but you need to look around. Expedia can be good occasionally.
Always seems to be a supplement to pay if you are a single traveler
Agree with bigfootpete. I tend to book flights and hotels independently. I have even found it cheaper in some instance to book the hotel room for 2 people, most hotels give prices for the room and not the number of people. Also you tend to get a better room, some hotels put singles in small out of the way rooms. I am going away in June and the room I have booked they would not accept booking for a single person , the rate is the same so I have just booked for 2. Maybe might even get lucky lol.

I have booked to go to India in November but on this instance I have booked a group tour, as this time it works out cheaper.

At the end of the day you need to do your homework to find the best deal
Also a lot of tour companies give false information to mislead. I have had a few conversations with one travel company as prices do not tie up, but i am always told the prices advertised were based on a cheaper flight.
For example one company is advertise no single room supplements for solo travelers
when i looked to go to in august to Sri Lanka at a hotel that advertise no single supplement . the cost based on 2 people sharing a room was 1226.00 each, but as soon as i amend to a single person and selected the the no supplement the total cost of the holiday changed to 1626.00 for one person traveling
Its all wrong
Thanks for the comments/advice peeps
ji29zard12 m ago

Thanks for the comments/advice peeps

Latedeals has some good single prices, where can you fly from/date latedeals.co.uk/sea…863
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