What are the price differences between a 40gb and 80gb ps3 consoles second hand?

    If purchasing of a forum. As i recieved a ps3 and trying to work out a partial refund.

    I paid £160 for a ps3 which should have came with a 80gb hdd but came with a 40gb. Also came with a dualshock pad.



    nothing then.......40gb less hard drive but gained a ds3....evens

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    nothing then.......40gb less hard drive but gained a ds3....evens

    I paid for an 80gb console... Want work out a partial refund to be paid to moi.

    As far as I could remember There wasn't a huge price difference between the 80's and the 40's something like £20 more for an 80 second hand... But like Casper said, the DS3 are worth something like £20 used anyway...


    sprry thought other way around......have a look and see what prices a 40 gb sell for and n 80gb sell for on eby and workm the difference

    prob about a tenner

    go to [url][/url] and see what the difference between a 40GB HDD and 80GB HDD is. That will give you a rough idea.
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