What are the PROs about pre -orders ~ games/dvd/consoles??

As everytime i pre-order games/dvd/consoles, the prices always gones DOWN, after a week (never had a price increase!!). So whats so good about pre-orders??


so you are guaranteed a copy on release day
preorder perks etc.

Its important to some people...

Not to me, i think they are nuts unless the perk is cool or its a decent price!


i guess its insurance if they sell out

with some places you get the game at least 1 day before release as it's guaranteed to be in your hands on the day of release... no point in pre-ordering it if you get it after it comes out...

Last few preorders I've made arrived 2 days early. Personally I just like to order in advance then it's taken care off. Couldn't be bothered with this running around supermarkets on release to save a fiver lol
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