What are these bugs on my plants and how do i get rid?

    I’ve been growing some herbs and veg in a small green house. Just as everything as started to grow I’ve noticed these bugs on the bottom of everything. There are hundreds if not thousands. Any idea what they are and how do I get rid of them?


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    Tweasers, one at a time.

    small amount of washing up liquid mixed with water and spray it on, won't effect the plant.

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    Aphids it looks like - just get a low grade pesticide and spray the hell owta your greenhouse and it should be ok.

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    thanks, im trying the washing up liquid in water thing. ill see what we're left with tomorrow. i'd rather avoid pesticides, but id also like some plants left at the end of the week, thats if i can get in past the wasps.

    Yeah probably black fly a bit of washing up liquid should do the trick.

    might take longer than a day to get rid of though but should work.
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